UV Water Purification and Weapon Safety Around Kids

by Evan on December 18, 2009

Two questions that I get asked often are about
water purification and weapons safety around

Will UV Water Purification Work In An Urban Survival Situation?

In short, it CAN work.  UV purification is very effective
at killing viruses, bacteria, and protozoa and is used by
municipalities, restaurants, and many households to purify
not only water but UV purification is also used in air conditioning
and in food preparation areas.

Popularized most recently by Cody Lundin, the
simplist way to accomplish UV purification is to
place a clear bottle/plastic water bladder full of
water in direct sunlight for a few hours and let the sun do
it’s work.

This method DOES kill creepy-crawlies, but only if
the water is clear and doesn’t have a bunch of
particles in it to block the sun’s UV rays.

Unfortunately, you have to start with water that
doesn’t have any urban contaminants in it, so there
are very few situations where it will be a long term
solution for surviving in an urban environment.

In particular, it won’t take care of herbicides, pesticides,
cloudy water, or volatile organic compounds.

It can be a great solution for purifying water that you’ve
stored for survival purposes…especially if it has
developed a foul smell or you’ve forgotten to
chlorinate or rotate it regularly.

I’ve got an entire lesson on water purification that
I’ll be putting out after the beginning of the year.  In
the meantime to read more and comment on this,
please go to the forum & register or log in at:


Weapon Safety Around Kids:

I recently received the following question from a
gentleman taking the SurviveInPlace course:

“I will have little kids in the house so three weapons
in each room will be a challange especially to keep them
out of view. Any suggestions?”

This was in response to the suggestion in the first lesson to
identify 3 items in every room of your house that could
be used as an improvised weapon in the event of a home

The trick here is to identify household items that you
could use as weapons…not necessarily to actually place
weapons in every room of your house.

As an example, if they’re sturdy, table lamps, floor lamps,
curtain rods, paper towel dowels, and shower curtain rods
all make great improvised striking weapons that don’t need
to be hidden from children.

Another example is that if you holding a hard-cover book
while you strike or slash at an attacker’s face, it can be much
more effective than simply striking with your hands.

Also, if you have a chair that you can pick up and move with,
you can use it to create distance between yourself and an attacker
and possibly even charge them and temporarily disarm/disorient
them by striking them with the chair.

Of course, in the kitchen, you have lots of great improvised
weapons, including knives, forks, and small appliances.

The main takeaway is to train your mind to identify items
that you could use to defend yourself from an attacker.

It might take a little effort at first, but this is one skill
that quickly becomes automatic & your mind will become
proficient at quickly identifying potential weapons, regardless
of your environment.

To see more household items that you can use as improvised
weapons and add your comments, please go to the forum and register
or log in:


If you are traveling early for Christmas, I’ll say
“Merry Christmas” now 🙂  (No “Happy Holidays” from me)

If you’re checking emails next week, I’ll be letting you know
about our new Urban Survival Playing Cards.

Right now, we have an expected delivery date of December 24th,
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Stay Prepared!

David Morris
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