Question About the 72 Hour Bag

by Evan on October 19, 2009

Hi David.  I realize that that the best situation is that there be a bag in the car and house and maybe per room.  My question is, Should each person have a bag?  If so, should each bag contain the exact same material?


[Davids response:

“I would have a hard time justifying one bag per room, but yes…you do want to have bags in your car(s) and your house.

Don’t worry about them all being completely stocked immediately.  It’s a marathon, not a sprint 🙂

Each person (and dog) should ideally have a bag, but your individual situation will determine whether or not that is possible.  As an example, I have a 2 year old and a wife who’s 7 months pregnant.  As a result, I’ll be carrying everything if we need to go anywhere on foot.  For our house “bag” we actually have the backpack inside of a big Rubbermaid bin.  All of the space around the backpack inside of the bin is used, and all we have to do is grab the bin and throw it on the hitch rack on our SUV.  If we have to abandon the vehicle, I can grab the bag out of the bin and leave the loose items behind.

Our general strategy is that the bags in our vehicles will allow us to get home, so there aren’t very many personal items in there.  Our home bag(s) are there in case we have to leave the house for a short time or permanantly and have personal items like underwear, small toys, vitamins/supplements, glasses/contacts, etc….basically everything that we’d want for a camping trip, plus important documents.

Let me know if you have any more questions.”.

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