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September 29, 2010 at 4:23 pm

Well the season finale, was, just like most shows, an “exciting” show, full of action, very interesting. And for all intents, the end was definately an anti-climax after all they’ve been through and all they’ve done to prepare.

I was disgusted at the idea that Sian would just ditch her extended family to ride off with a bunch of gov’t goons while not having the slightest idea of what to expect. History has it that after big time disasters, refugees get the crappiest treatment one can ever imagine. Sleeping in crappy tents, surrounded by other malnourished and probably sick people, eating food that for all intents is not going to be any better than the stuff they’ve been eating, and as Dave mentioned, refugees are going to lose a lot especially if they have weapons and tools. When it comes to all of us preparing for survival situations such as this, my one rule of thumb is AVOID ALL GOV’T CONTACT. I’m not an expert by any stretch, but one thing is certain, you will end up probably losing a lot of what you’ve built up if you lead gov’t goons to your location or otherwise give them a clue that you have something of worth.

There are actually executive orders allowing the gov’t to steal your stuff in an emergency, and believe you me, something like this will have been declared an emergency long before it gets to the level it does in “The Colony”. If you have any working vehicles, you’ll probably lose them as they’ll want to use them for official purposes. Guns or other weapons, if martial law is declared, they’re gone. Stored food and water, see “hoarding laws”. Excess meds and supplies, see “hoarding laws”. Fuel, same thing. Point is, the gov’t will probably take all of your crap, and you’ll be lucky they don’t try to detain you from holding out on them by “hoarding” all of that good stuff for yourself.

So to put myself into a position of depending on a gov’t entity, would be just plain stupid. I think I’d be like George was, hiding from the gov’t goons, afraid that they might try to take us away or something. Again for Sian to walk off and abandon the group just goes to show where her priorities are. I’m one to put self preservation up there, but in a situation where I’m out there in the post apocalyptic world, I believe I will stand a way better chance with a group of people I worked and lived with for a good while, versus some unknown gov’t goons. “The gubmint” isn’t out there for your safety, they’re out there for their own safety, and when their backs are against the wall, those VOPA types will throw you to the wolves in a heartbeat just to save their own a$$es. At least this group, as motley of a group as they tended to be at times, did at least have each other’s back no matter what happened. So that’s my position on the gubmint.

As far as attacking the opposing group, as I said before, stupid, but also like Dave said, this was probably part of the script so there’s no need to go into that. But as I also suggested before, I would’ve worked on moving stuff to the new house over the course of a couple of days, get things set up, then at least leave a few people there. Just like they left people at the old house, somewhere around 3 or 4, they could’ve done the same thing at the new house, leave a few people there as guards, have one on the airboat ready to fire the thing up, then go raid the baddies, and make a bee-line for the canal, so as soon as they’re in sight, that boat’s getting fired up so all they gotta do is throw their spoils in the boat and run! Let em have the house, screw VOPA, and be on their merry way.

Despite the apparent mistakes that were done in the show, we did learn some things from the show. First of all, being the mechanical type, I learned that one can make just about anything if they put their mind to it, I enjoyed some of the machines they rigged up, its a bit of a strange fascination of mine. Secondly, we learned that it has to be accepted that if TSHTF, we can’t always count on being part of a group of military/survival experts who will build us up enough so to be able to survive, we’re gonna probably always get stuck in a group of people who for all intents, probably can’t even cook water on a good day, let alone build traps, jerry rig a field electrical system, assemble makeshift vehicles or produce alternate motor fuel. We’re gonna have to build our own skills up as if it is only us that has to survive, we are going to have to build up our skills almost like we’re going to have to go out there alone, but still have the reality that we will be trying to assemble a group, with which we can then quckly educate with the skills we know, and in turn, maybe even draw out skills they may have pushed into a back memory bank as they were not needed at the time. You would be surprised what some people can suddenly remember or pull to the surface of that void called a brain when the chips are down and its a life or death situation.

This is enough for now, I look forward to everyone’s comments as well, as I tend to learn a lot from everyone else. Until then, everyone be cool.


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September 30, 2010 at 9:06 am

Several thoughts on the ending of the series. First of all I thought the idea of raiding the Militia was stupid. Get everyone and their gear, out first. Have security measures in place at the new location. Then if you find it necessary take the time to organize the next hit. In reality it is unlikely that the Militia would know exactly where the group was going unless they had been observing their previous recon to the fish shack. Given that the Militia had access to vehicles their travel time was much faster than walking. I wondered about the wisdom of waiting for the big boat to be readied. On the first day of finding the other house and deciding it was easier to defend and better access to food Jim and Tick could have rowed the skout back to the house and ferried a few members and their gear to the new location to secure the spot. The signs about virus victims dying there is a great idea. It reminds me of the ploy used in Swiss Family Robinson when the family is getting the last usable items off of the shipwreck. They are being fired upon by Pirates and expect to be taken captive. The father notices several flags and runs the warning flag of “The Black Death” up the mast. thereby, turning away the pirates. As my Dad always said “Get your bluff in early”

When VOPA showed up Jim was the most cautious and it was warranted. Knowing this was an “experiment and a tv show” I’m sure Sian figured she was ready to go home. Otherwise in a SHTF situation relying on the powers that be tends to result in having what little freedom you have left being taken away. I have been impressed with her skills and her reasoning ability. I thought she would have made a cool-headed leader. I was surprised the others didn’t suggest that Becka should leave with the VOPA trucks.
By having the Milita people at the new house, the producers gave the finale an ominous feel, especially in a day and age of people being used to having a nice tidy ending within an hours time. Life often doesn’t have nice, tidy and safe endings. The Colonists often commented on how the emotional toll of not sleeping well and always being on alert for the next raid was wearing them down. Mental fitness cannot be emphasized too much.


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October 1, 2010 at 10:24 pm

That’s exactly what I was talking about, with regard to scouting out the new location, if they did exactly that, they could’ve literally had everything at their new place all set up in a short time and then if they’re still feeling froggy, they could’ve raided the people and be halfway down the canal before the militia catches up to them. With the fact that they did have vehicles, unless one of their targets was a vehicle, I mght’ve tried factoring sabotaging their vehicles so they can’t follow. Whether slashing the tires or just torching the damned things, put them on the same playing field as the rest of us. The anti-climax at the end just went to show what bad preparation or lack of preparation can lead to. It would totally suck in reality if the group after seeing that scene, they would have to make a fast decision-land the boat and fight to the death, or just keep going and hope they find something else further out that may be just as good, if that exists. Guess we’ll never know, just like most movies nowadays, they have to throw in that cliffhanger so you strip the gears in your mind with all of the “what ifs”. Oh well.


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September 30, 2010 at 3:05 pm

I agree with you Joy. I was quite surprised at the ending also. I also agree they should have left in pairs in the smaller boat to the new location as soon as they discovered it. It always took them too long to do everything. They had agreed to have the boat all packed and ready to go before they attacked the militia camp. Then when VOPA showed up and they were further distracted and then attacked by the militia group, they were scrambling with GEAR to hustle to the boat. That all should have been done already. I was sitting on the couch just screaming at them, come on, come one, hurry up!! I have learned a lot watching though about what to do and what not todo. I am hoping that if the producers do make another season, that they would use experienced colonists so that we could see how a group of strangers who do know what they are doing would make it work together. We could learn so much more. Keep the premise of the show the same so it is not like the how to of other survival shows. I would want to still see the stresses of a disaster scenario played out. Maybe they could use the paintball gun idea or something else like that, and depending on where the hit is, that person could be ruled “dead” and out of the experiment or so severely injured that he or she could do nothing until the “wound” healed so the viewing audience could have a sense of this is what can happen in a real life survival situation. I don’t how else you could do this without it being a movie or series instead of trying to portray the real thing as close as possible. I do appreciate and admire the producers for this series because I have not seen anything else like it and it is easy to sit back and be critical but there are laws they have to abide by and are limited to what they and can’t do so I think we need to at least cut them some slack there. So, we will just have to wait and see what they do next time. I look forward to everyone else’s comments also. Thanks David so much again for this site!


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October 1, 2010 at 10:31 pm

It is very true that the producers have to abide by many laws, which makes that alky still deal a grey area. Nonetheless I would love to see them add a bigger touch of realism as well, paintball guns or other movie props to make the fighting seem more realistic. I would hate to imagine that because of work safety laws or what not, that the people would have to don paintball gear just to get into a mock shootout with nomad trash in a wasteland city versus just taking their licks, would make them think on their toes and try their best to avoid hits, having a welt on their leg or stomach would make anyone think real good of fighting tactics before just running out there shooting like Rambo only to get lit up by 50 paintballs and pronounced “dead”, and while he goes home he has to nurse the 50 welts on his behind. Hopefully the producers are either scoping out sites like this to get unofficial feedback, or if their site has a feedback or suggestion board, that would be really helpful for them to compile a list of new ideas for their next season. Until the next time all.


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October 1, 2010 at 3:19 pm

I agree with everyone else thus far. Raid was stupid. Should have moved people and materials in stages. Maybe I missed it but it appeared that they left the smaller boat behind. All they had to do was tie it to the bigger one. Could have carried more stuff and had another tool for fishing and scouting. When VOPA didn’t bring food or water or weapons for the group’s survival, they should have turned their backs and left VOPA with their d–ks in their hands. Always stay with the people you know and hopefully trust.

If they had moved in stages, they would have had the new place secured. Since that is not the case, they can only hope they can negotiate their place in the larger group or just move on and hope they find something better.

Will be interested in future comment.


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October 1, 2010 at 4:40 pm

Well as always the show had some undesirable parts and good things to learn from it. Attacking a superior force without the adquate numbers or weapons is foolhardh and suicidal. But that is what the producers probably wanted. Going off with supposedly govt help, instead of staying with the group could be a bad or a good call. Specially on the sucess of the group so far in this series. Again probably something the producers wanted. One of the biggest things that I really did not care for about this show. Was the ability of the group to concretate on what I called really big stupid projects. Windmill pretty good idea, but motor for the boat, to me took up a lot of valuable time and resources. Most of their time should have been taken up the basics of survival. Shelter, Food, Water, Fire and Security. Many times they talked about being hungry, and instead of concretating on food they worked on other projects which could have had no direct bearing on their survival. Before making and maintaing the luxuries they were trying to do, they should have focused on the very basic needs. Then when they had adequate supplies they could have focused on making their lives much better.
Remember without the basics you really don’t have the need to better your survival living. Once the foundations of food,water, shelter, fire, and security are met and capable of maintain those principals, then you can move on to bigger and better things to improve your livestyles in survival situations. But then again a lot of the show was based on what the producers and directors wanted to show for ratings. One of the shows that kind of brothered me about tactics and techniques, was the one where the cast was attacked by a large band of militia and our heros were armed with improvised shields good weapons for both offence and defense. But the cast of the show had no ideas on how to use the shields properly. Like our modern time riot police in dealing with riots. the use of a shield wall such as practiced by medieval viking, saxon and norman era’s can be used by a small force to contain and cordon off a much larger bigger force. Instead our cast acted independtly of each other, when acting as a team they would have been much better off. Many times in this season to me the show seemed to consider the acts of the individuals then as the group trying to operate cohesively, to survive the situation they were in. Think about it, how long did it take them before they decided to finally pick a leader and work as one group instead of many different people. Which is one of the major things you should think about when you talk to your family and friends when preparing for situations when you should band together to deal with the disasters ao calamities that are before you. The best way to prepare for a survival situation, is to make plans on what could happen, how to deal with the various problems you could encounter.Then buy the necessary equipment, read books on the subjects, take courses that you can find, which there is a great many out there. Take the actions that you willl need for yourself and your family and put them in motion. I today just got your book in the mail, and can’t wait to start reading it. Just remember that some actions and plans may not fit your needs. So take the best that you can learn and apply them as needed. I have read many survival books and have attended many U.S. military schools on survival skills and still have been able to walk away from each with at least learning one idea or principle. That I didn’t know before. One of the things that has helped myself and my wife to talk about these various subjects, has been the Discovery Channel’s Show Man, Woman, Wild, which could be a good way to get is family involved in taliking and preparing and planning for survival situations. Because of how the sow is played with a husband/wife team.
Thanks a lot Rick


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October 2, 2010 at 2:22 am

I would like to see the producers take a leap forward from the first two seasons. They could make the disaster event be something like an EMP, massive earthquake or a tsunami, where major parts of the US are totally cut off. The colonists nearby boundaries could become large fishers in the ground, swollen rivers or downed bridges. It would be interesting to see more chaos when the colonists arrive at there location. More extras could be hired to be looters or terrified survivors running away from the area. The colonists security could also be tested with fake LEO’s/EMT vehicles from abandoned stations, that are being used by marauders. An opportunity could be present to them, where the could decide whether to join forces with another small group of survivors. Both of these groups may have some abilities that the other desperately needs. There could be a large project that the producers make evident to both groups, where they would need the assistance from the other to accomplish.

Thanks David for all your continued survival tips on your site.


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October 3, 2010 at 10:19 pm

We do not have that show here in my part of Canada…we had one last year so maybe they will show it here eventually!


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October 16, 2010 at 7:11 am

I watched the entire season and I was discussed by it. If your world falls appart and you have nothing to eat why the hell are you going to biuld a wind generator? If you build a machine that can travel across land like the scout why the heck are you going to stay in your hog wallow. The whole thing was scripted, I have diliberately put myself in urban survival situations my entire life, adreneline junky, I know what it takes to stay alive for months at a time with no food and no shelter, with hundreds of people trying to get what you have and you dont have time to build stuff and you dam sure do not stay put for long. Oh yea and bear Gyles is an idiot


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October 16, 2010 at 11:18 am

After really enjoying the season of the colony, I thought the end show was totally anti-climactic. I was honestly left thinking there was one more episode, even though I could have sworn I heard them say it was the finaly. THere was nothing final about it. What a disapppintment.


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January 11, 2011 at 10:11 am

One of the first things i would have done was move into the shipping containers, they had three levels of shipping contains a few trap doors and the place would have been safe and dry. leaving the windmill and batterers behind was stupid you would not find that in the marshland.i did think this season was much better then the last season. they worn t given all they needed like last time. The ending was weak, although i can see the point they were making.however the thing with sian was left to much in the air,was she hurt or happy?
I would have done it all better 🙂


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