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September 22, 2010 at 11:21 pm

David, this is a very good article you have written. I also do not like how their going from a kinda, sorta victory to a sneak attack of their enemy. Their time for something like that was in the beginning, when they should of constructed decent weapons and gone out on recon patrols of the colony compound. If they had found and surveilled the other survivors’ camp, they could of determined whether a future raid of their camp would do them any good. In the beginning, I would of at least been looking for a better structure to live in that had walls or fences around it, and definitely a roof without holes.

Years ago, I was part of a ROTC senior-officers war-game. Instead of using paint ball guns, we used flour rolled into tight wads of cellophane for ammo. We would be forced to get up close to our enemy to throw our ammo, in order for the flour to explode on impact, leaving a white “causality” stain on their fatigues. This was just a little horsing-around amongst ROTC cadets, but it also gave us a little better of a feel for real up-close and personal combat. Both teams were to find the others camp, raid it and steal their flag. In this game, full contact sparring was allowed! This is the closest I ever got to combat, other than facing off many times with the criminal element during my security career. I was the commander of my own “A-Team,” which won all of the engagements that day. This was unheard of, and was only possible because of my personal study time spent on combat tactics. Reality did set in for me at the end of the day, when my best friend was captured instead of being “KIA” by the enemy. This was a full-contact game, and my friend was beaten pretty badly in order to give up our camp coordinates. The reason he was captured, was because he got too cocky and tried to steal food from the other commander’s tent. I fear that Tick and John may be headed for a simmilar outcome as my friend!


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September 23, 2010 at 12:28 am

First of all, revenge is a really STUPID idea in a survival situation, for the simple fact that in this type of situation, NOTHING is stopping anyone from just going all out in the violence department and flat out eradicating you. In the normal world, the threat of going to jail or otherwise getting in trouble with the law is enough to keep most people from really hurting you, even in a revenge situation, most level headed people are just going to beat you up or smash your car to get revenge, not rape your women and kill you via dismemberment while they dance in the ashes of your compound after they looted it and burned it to the ground. But that would be just the kind of stuff you could expect in a lawless environment, so revenge, nah, I wouldn’t mess with the concept, except for if they ripped us off, like kidnapping one of ours, or stealing some vital equipment like say a working vehicle that we were going to use to move to a better location. Getting revenge just to satisfy some primal urge to be the top dog, just stupid. I think its just for ratings, but in real life will just get you killed.

As far as the idea of the airboat, I like the idea but I wouldn’t have waited until the sh** is about to hit the fan before I contemplate escape plans, those would’ve been conjured up at the beginning, much the same way we all have BOB’s because we have escape plans in order, if our environment becomes too hostile, we have the means to just up and split at a moments notice, this would’ve been a good idea to begin with.

I guess as far as the virus story is concerned, in a situation where everyone was killed off because of a super virus, it would be a major cause for concern if you see someone puking their guts out, BUT that would be all the more reason NOT to be dancing with these rowdies in the streets like they’ve been doing, if that was real and most of those goons were already sick but not down yet, then what happens, the whole bloody group gets sick then its game over for everybody. When you know that theres a bug going around, unless you know for a solid fact that you’re immune, then a top priority for survival would be to avoid EVERYBODY.

As far as leadership is concerned, I like Tick for his qualities in boosting morale and building people up, which is a good thing because if something was to happen to him in a real life situation, then the group would be right back to square one, a bunch of neutered digbats wandering around the wasteland in confusion wondering what to do next. It would be good to try and build up the people in your group to be able to take charge and think on their toes no matter what because they just may have to one day.

I think the group did right to put Becka in check about what she said about Amber and Mikey after they were cut for being infected, I would’ve went off on her till she started crying just for the fact that both of those people stuck by when it came to rescuing her and didnt just write her off but she did the exact opposite after they were taken out, not cool at all, it would make me question her position with the rest of the group as that would be a sign of her possibly not having my back if the hammer really went down and it was going to be a free for all. I would hate to think that after putting my trust in someone in a survival group that they would just run off like a bit** cowering while the rest of us get slaughtered because they didn’t want to have our backs, as that would leave them nowhere, after the rest of us are gone and she’s left alone, then they come for her and shes really screwed, figuratively and literally.

But as far as the idea of reality is concerned when it comes to confrontations, I still think my idea about using prop weapons as well as other’s ideas about using paintball guns or something similar would put more of an incentive into the “game” as the colonists would know that they have the potential of getting cut, even if it is with fake knives with ketchup on them. All it takes is a few ketchup marks across the gut and torso and you automatically get put into a life threatening condition because you got “cut” badly, just like if you come back looking like a rainbow after getting shot 20 times, then, youre out, youre dead. Make it as real as possible without actually having people get hurt, you’d see people’s minds change when the threat of getting shot or cut comes into the equation. I’ll stop now so others can have a chance to respond as well.


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September 23, 2010 at 8:46 am

Just put some rules up on the website for what counts as wounded, lifethreating, and dead and you have the best way to simulate wounds in an experiment.
Now everythings a peachy peach(smile’s)


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September 23, 2010 at 2:40 pm

Attacking just for revenge is stupid, but in a survival situation it could be necessary to wipeout a group that has attacked or threatened to attack your group. If your group has put substantial time and effort into a farmstead and can’t leave your orchard/crops it may come to that.
As my old CSM used to say ” All some people seem to understand is killing, and killing is where I come in”.


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September 23, 2010 at 5:17 pm

Yes there’s some truth to the idea that sometimes staging an offensive for the greater purpose of self preservation may be necessary, but these guys appear to just wanna get a fast lick on the baddies before running away, which leads me to believe that it isn’t even necessary then to stage such an attack. Even then, you would only want to stage an offensive when you have a pretty good chance of succeeding. You wouldn’t go against a paramilitary camp with guys armed with machine guns and grenades and all you have is a few crappy handguns. You would want to make sure you’re more than capable of wiping out your adversary.

Of course you wouldn’t spend all that time building up some type of settlement then not even take security into question, even to a degree that you would produce weapons that you may have never contemplated messing with in normal circumstances. There is no such thing as fair fighting when it comes to survival. If you conjure up booby traps to trap guys that come after you or even if your traps are made to maim an enemy, then so be it, as long as what you do succeeds in taking out your enemies as efficiently as possible. If you fail to take them all out, then what happens? They will now have a new resolve to come after you with all of their heart and soul to get revenge on you now.

Personally I would find a good, easily defensible area to set up shop then focus on any and every type of weapon that my group can cobble together because if someone tries to attack, we’re going to mess em up, and depening on the circumstances we may try to chase them down and finish them off if we have the means to. I’ve heard from a forgotten source that its easier to defend a position than to attack one.

About the only way these guys may stand a chance of succeeding, even remotely, against this camp of baddies, is if they focus exclusively on stealth in their attack, if they were skilled enough to sneak up on guys who may venture off on their own, and silenly take em out one by one, they would probably do a lot better then. Also while stealthily eliminating bad guys, they could even been sabotaging stuff like vehicles or ammo dumps or whatever, even for the purpose of serving as a diversion. If they do choose to attack these guys, let’s see if they actually plan it out well enough that the chances of their success are better than nil.


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September 24, 2010 at 9:06 am

As a general rule, attackers need a 3 to 1 advantage to win against an equal, prepared enemy.


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September 23, 2010 at 11:24 pm

“Let sleeping dogs lay”, pretty well sums up how I feel about the planned revenge raid. This may be one of the stupidest things they have thought of yet and I’m surprised that Tick is a willing participant. The Colony needs to maintain the health of all of its members and attacking a larger force without decent weapons doesn’t seem too intelligent to me. Indulging one’s ego can be a very dangerous thing as a friend of mine found out. He flipped off a man who cut him off in traffic and ended up dead from a .357 slug to the head.

Personal integrity is something I see lacking to various degrees in many of the colonists. Becca is probably the worst and I was appalled at her comment about
Amber and Michael never fitting into the group. Like it or not, when the SHTF we may not have a lot of choice about who ends up living near us. I trust my inner circle of survivalists, but I have neighbors not too far away who are of the entitlement mentality who file false accident claims and sue people to make a living. (They’re all obese and could probably live 45 days on their fat reserves.) Some people will “man up”, like Jim while many will continue to behave just as they did in prior times. There’s an intersting story at: http://www.thenewamerican.com/index.php/history/european/1259 about a group of Polish Jews who survived in the Bielski Forest during WWII. There are some interesting psychological parrallels between the Bielski group and the colonists and some that are strikingly different. By the way, the movie Defiance was based on the Bielski epic of survival………not a 5 star movie, but worth watching.

A lack of personal integrity can be a killer. I did a review of the 24 people I knew or worked with who were killed as the result of an accident from 1950 to 2010. The base cause of every accident was the result of a lack of integrity on the part of the victim or someone they worked with or knew. My Dad’s work partner at a dynamite plant was blown to pieces when he stuck a screw driver into a faulty light switch to turn it on. A spark jumped onto the drying nitrocellulose (guncotton) and exploded with the force of a 500 pound bomb. Everyone including the boss knew about the switch and no one did anything. A year later an overheated bearing in the auger that packed dynamite into the waxed tubes detonated 2 tons of mix, killing six men. Thank God my dad quit after the first incident. Texting while driving, California stops, no stop at all, not watching where your gun’s muzzle is pointing and many more…..all a lack of integrity. Know who you partner with and listen to your gut!

Besides integrity, another extremely valuable trait is awareness, noticing what is going on around you or what has changed. Amber and Michael got blindsided by a lack of awareness and I suppose they were out of integrity also because they were happy at the new location and not paying attention. Job number one is stay alive and they were in condition white. Speaking of Michael, I’m sure he was distraught after getting infected, but didn’t I see him leaving with the group’s valuable handmade machete?

About the airboat……I learned in Episode 9 that the motor is rated at 80 horsepower which burns about 4 gallons of fuel an hour at 3/4 throttle. That gives them 30 minutes run time…..if the raiders don’t steal the ethanol. Some of the raiders were in the VOPA tent and must have seen the still.

If they make it to the fish camp it looks like their food problems will be over. The site security looks better also, but they need to smarten up. How do they know that the guy who infected Amber and Michael hadn’t been in the house they chose? How long will the holding tank for the commode last before it overflows? Bucket flushing is easy, but with the water table almost at the surface I doubt that there is a drainfield. And what are they using for toilet paper???

One final point. I would have been scouting for any sign of a garden so I could get some seeds or starts to start preparing for long term survival. There’s a garden patch way out in the woods near where I live that has been abandoned for 30 years and the parsnips and rhubarb are still growing there.


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September 24, 2010 at 4:34 pm

Why are they still going to the new house if two of their own just go tinfected there??? They have no idea what they are walking into. If those people were really desperate for food, water, and medicine they would not have stopped the attack until they got what they wanted. The colonists were fighting with clubs and then later they were useing a hatchet for work. Why was noone useing it during the attack? The violence in this show is nowhere near a real life situation.


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September 25, 2010 at 1:17 am

watched an episode of jericho,they bhad a guy drink someting like 2 Tbs of iodine to fight off the effects of mild radiation poisoning.does that really work?


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September 25, 2010 at 8:37 pm

The answer to that question is yes and no. Yes it works by fillin gyour thyroid with iodine, enough so that it will not absorb the radioactive iodine that’s present in fallout, it’ll just be passed through your system. You can at least slow down the onset of thyroid cancer in that aspect. The answer is also no, because while your thyroid may be safe, everything else is still subject to the ill effects of the radioactive isotopes running through your system so you’ll probably end up getting sick from some other form of cancer. Hope this helps, I’m not an expert so if someone has something else to add, we can all benefit from the extra info.


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September 25, 2010 at 4:54 pm

I’ve been thinking about the colony moving. Obviously they are not safe where they are and too weak to defend themselves. Now they have found a place better suited for survival, where is the move plan? How do you bug out safely and with as much of your stuff you can carry? What is the stuff you need and can carry?

First, the boats. They have two reasonably size boats. Second, will the boats carry all of the colonist? Third, what else can be transported? Can the windmill be dismantled and taken? After all, you still need energy. Can you take batteries? Can the still be broken down and taken? After all, the need for fuel is still there. Can you take tools and weapons? Finally, how many trips will it take to transport all your stuff and what is essential if you can’t come back.

What do you leave for your rivals? Do you disable what you leave? How about the motor bike, stay or go? Welding equipment? Go or stay? How about the grocery cart, go or stay? Things need planned before a bug out. Time table and security should be thought out before they go.

Did Tick and Jim survey the new area? What resources are there that will replace resources they already have? Sure would help in deciding what to take and what to leave. Oh, so many question seemingly not answered or discussed in the episode.

As far as raiding the other camp, That should have been done much earlier if at all. Unless it is used as a diversion for a safe bug out, it shouldn’t be done. It is childish and unsafe. What do you gain?

Interested in what ya’ll think about these issues.


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September 25, 2010 at 8:51 pm

I was thinking exactly the same thing, I mean, you could make trips back and forth transporting the dismantled hardware, but that airboat will have a limited amount of fuel to do that kind of stuff, and that windmill for all intents is too bulky to really transport on either boat. The little battery/inverter setup and welding equipment shouldnt be a big deal, that’s almost something that Jim and Tick could transport the next time they make a run to the new place, if that smaller boat took four people, the two missing people would amount to over 300 lbs of extra weight, so that battery/inverter setup and even the welder should be able to be accomodated there. Now unless they figure out a way to rebuild the windmill to be smaller, they’re gonna have a real problem transporting even the dismantled rig, let alone setting it up on that new house. The first house looked like a two story multi-unit building, probably more sturdy than the other house in the bayou. The last thing you’d wanna do is mount some humongous windmill on a questionable frame and compromise the integrity of the whole house, you’d do best to just rebuild the thing smaller. The best thing they could be doing now is dedicating more time to moving the stuff that they don’t need right now to the new place, everyday, get up in the morning and load the smaller boat up, go to the new place, unload, then come back and repeat the same thing, all the while the others finish the airboat and dismantle what they can. In a couple of good hard days they could probably have everything moved where they can just split together. As far as the bike and the tractor, there’s not much they could do with those items, other than maybe pull the engine from the bike for something else, but then fuel is enough of an issue that it may not even matter. Again, raiding the camp is sitll a stupid idea that I wouldn’t try. About the most I would do, if I had the resources is booby trap the house somehow to start on fire or something when the people go inside, maybe take out a few of em that way, may sound crazy but who knows? Unless you can pull a Hamas and launch homemade mortars and rockets from over a hill into the baddies’ camp, then there’s not much these guys are gonna be able to do, other than get killed in reality, or at best, lose more of their crap when they get their a**es kicked again and jacked afterwards.


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September 25, 2010 at 5:04 pm

You can do all the the things to protect yourself, guns, knives, pepper spray etc., but violent attack by another human or humans, unless you have experienced it, is a most terrifying event, that could wipe everything you have learned out. even if you have had this happen, one never knows how he might react! I was violently attacked and beaten badly by my ex years ago, and it seems I remember it as if it was yesterday! All I could do was scream” help, help, he is going to kill me!” I left that very hour and never went back, and I vowed that no one would ever be able to do that to me again. I learned what violence is, and want to avoid it, but if it is forced on me, I am going to do everthing I can to come out alive! Looking for a violent confontation on purpose, no way!!!


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September 25, 2010 at 9:00 pm

Amen to that one! There’s a difference between defending yourself from violent attack when you’re trying to live peacefully and some schmuck tries to crap on your parade and a whole other story when you try to just waltz out there looking for trouble. You would have to have the mentality that you can actually kill someone in reality before taking the move of attacking someone in an offensive. When it comes to self preservation one can sometimes muster the will to take a life, to save their own in the heat of the moment, but to just say “I’m gonna go jack these fools and mess em up”, well, you better have the deep seated will to do it, or you will choke up at the worst time then you’re screwed. Its just like when some of us as kids growing up in crappy areas may have resorted to carrying a knife for defense, only to grow up with the reality that unless you’re a skilled knife fighter and have the will to actually cut and stab the crap outta someone, then all that knife is going to do is probably get you killed when your adversary takes it from you. You would do better carrying a stun gun or brass knuckles, or I mean brass paperweights for self defense. Just like having the survivalist mentality will go a long ways to help you survive after TSHTF, you may have to have a “killer” mentality also, if you plan on or seriously expect to have to kill someone, I don’t mean fight, I mean kill someone because in a time like that, any and all fights are gonna end up in someone dying, either you or your adversary, don’t get into a fight if you’re not ready to kill the guy. There is no such thing as fair fighting.


Vote -1 Vote +1Linda
September 26, 2010 at 12:04 am

I think “they” always tell us something by the programs they create…wonder what the “VIrus” will turn out to be in our real lives…a second attempt at the avian bird/swine flu that most people never got vaccinated for because they knew it was fraudulant?
Yet “they” keep trying to kill us…we will just have to wait and see I guess.


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September 27, 2010 at 1:46 pm

I think the colonists attacking that military group is very stupid. If they have the means now to escape, then it is time to get out of Dodge! After they were attacked by that large group and were basically unscathed, they felt victorious; which was ridiculous. The attacking group in real life would have been able to easily overcome that small group. Although I enjoy this show, this season has taken too much liberty with being unrealistic. If they want to set up a real “experiment” group, they need to re-think the rules that are in place and come up with more teachable moments so to speak. I have learned a lot from this show the past two seasons but they could do so much more. If there is a third season, maybe they will do a better production. They might try using experienced survivalists for a change to show how things should be done. I think Tick has been a real asset to the group and I am surprised he is going along with the idea of attacking this military group. He is the one person who has been level headed so this idea seems out of character. Since it is the last episode though, maybe they wanted to go out Big. Anyway, it will be interesting to see how it all plays out and I look forward to David’s and the rest of your comments!


Vote -1 Vote +1Leon Pantenburg
October 1, 2010 at 8:34 am

The Colony is good for starting the conversation about surviving an urban emergency. I’m concerned that it will be the only survival training some people will ever get!


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October 10, 2010 at 10:50 am





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