Sun exposure to fight the flu

by David Morris on October 8, 2009

“let me thank you for your work. The depth of research and articulate presentation is very sincerely appreciated. I’ve been a “growing survivalist” for about 4 years now. I started your course with many preparations already in place (GO bags, vehicle and office kits, shelter-in-place home kit, food/water storage, multiple cooking/fire methods, etc.). Even so, the nuggets and wisdom I glean from your lessons are invaluable. You never know which piece of information might save your life one day.

I do have one question about lesson five. Ten minutes of daily sun exposure makes great sense. I’m wondering what constitutes sun exposure. For example, if I hang my arm out the window during my drive home from work, does that count? Or, do I need to sit in the back yard in only my skivvies for ten minutes? Will just being in the sun with non-UV protective clothing work? So, my question is, is bare skin surface area required and, if so, how much area? (I know… I’ve worked in a technical field for a couple decades and tend to focus on details…) 🙂

Have a great day!”

[Davids response:

Thank you for your kind comments. This project has been very close to my heart and I’m really happy that it’s helping people as much as it helped me.

I’m so glad that you asked that about sun exposure. In truth, it’s quite complicated and beyond the scope of that lesson. Adequate exposure depends on several factors, including:

1. The amount of skin exposed
2. The color of your skin (the darker you are, the more exposure you need)
3. The latitude you are at (the further from the equator, the more exposure you need)
4. The time of day (the further away from high noon, the more exposure you need)

What I do is go sit in a chair on the East side of our house in the morning wearing only shorts (when the weather permits) and eat my breakfast & read in the sun. I also run in the late afternoon without sun screen on and walk 5-10 minutes at lunchtime. In addition to feeling great, I’ve been around several people with the flu this year and haven’t gotten it yet. Of course, sleep, stress management, and diet also play a big role in immune function, but the effectiveness of vitamin D is very exciting.

I try to see Joe (Dr. Mercola) at least every spring when he’s over in Maui and he stretches and goes ocean swimming every morning for 20-40 minutes and then stays out of the sun for the rest of the day. He is the most knowledgeable person I know on the topic of vitamin D and has several articles on that talk about it. He’s been telling me about vitamin D for years and is the one who got me to stop getting the flu vaccine three seasons ago. Ironically, I got the flu shot (and the flu) for as long as I can remember, but have not had it for the last 3 seasons. A good place to start is:

Also, on the flu…one school of thought which we have prescribed to is that if you catch the flu early in the year, you will most likely catch a milder strain but will still have partial immunity in the fall. We have TRIED to catch the flu (like chicken pox parties,) but our 2 year old is the only one to get it so far…twice! The first time was in April before it was a big news item. It took 3-4 days for him to get over but the 2nd time it took less than 24 hours, even though our friends who had it at the same time were taking 3-5 days. Although I believe in natural immunization (being exposed to viruses,) it is not something that I’m about to put in a book and suggest that other people do. Even though there are centuries of case studies of medical personnel having strong immune systems from repeated exposure to early stages of viruses, I don’t want someone with a compromised immune system to read what I say and TRY to get the flu.

I hope that helps!].

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