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by David Morris on October 8, 2009

:Lesson two begins to hint that we are going to get into the “meat” of
the topic soon.
I look forward to heavier/weighter/meater lessons.
So far, I have enjoyed both lessons, but am looking to really getting
into the “weeds” so to speak, and not another overview from 5-miles
(Don’t get me wrong, or take it personally, so far I have been
pleased, I am just optimistically looking forward to more. I have
already planned the “24 hours w/o water/power, and the Wife and kids
are looking forward to it… actually, just the wife, as the kids
don’t yet know… it will be a surprise for them… better to see how
they react).

At any rate, would you send to me the list of suggestions on the books
you mentioned? I’d appreciate your suggestions on that topic.(“Entire
books have been written on this topic, and if you want some
suggestions of authors/books that I’ve found particularly helpful,
please email me and let me know.”)

Thanks, and I liked your “famous saying”. A good source of life
saving information in that book.

– John”

[Davids response:

We’ll get into more “meaty” subjects, but please don’t discount the importance
of the basics…and basic logistics in particular.

Of all of the “preppers” that I’ve talked to…from newbie civies to highly trained
SF guys, they’ve all had holes in their logistical plans that could be plugged
with my course. (I’m included in that…I was the original student!)

The chem/bio guys are very comfortable with that kind of attack, but haven’t
addressed bartering.

The warrior guys are comfortable with shooting & fighting their way out of
any situation, but haven’t trained on how to look weak and like a poor target.
They are also more willing to abandon the old, young, sick, weak, and injured
than I am. (If they’re in my family or core group)

Depending on your history, the 24 hour drill will either be a yawn (because you
do it several times a year by necessity) or a great lesson.

We just did it again this week and I’m going to be posting some comments
on it either this weekend or early next week.

If you don’t mind, let me know what you mean by heavier/weightier/meatier lessons.

They might be things that I’m thinking are core basics…and either way, I can let you
know what week we’ll be covering them.

Also, to let you in on an advace announcement…Since I’ve always worked with people
one-on-one, I wasn’t sure how the pacing would be for a large group.

Most people are saying that the pace is great, but there are enough people who
aren’t getting everything done that I’m going to extend the class for an additional 4
weeks for free. Yes…you’ll actually get more information than I originally intended
for this class.

I’ve got 4 books / courses / interview series that I’m coming out with (as a co-author
or interviewer) this year and I’m going to include some of that information as well.

The BEST books that I can point you to for positive mental inertia are the following:

1. Proverbs
2. Philippians (New Testament)

They may not be your cup of tea…I realize that and am ok with it 🙂

3. Think and Grow Rich > < you can get it for free + 4.95 S&H. I think I have a PDF version of it I can send you also.

While the basis of it is how to do well in business, the real core of the book is how to train your mind.

It’s not fru-fru crap that depends on the universe giving you whatever energy you put out (sorry if that offends you)…
it’s solid training on how to make your mind bulletproof to setbacks, failures, and events outside your control.

4. Rhinocerous Success >

This is another book that is directed towards business, but the lessons in it are invaluable for making your mind
resilliant to obsticles.

All of these books help to create what I call “positive mental inertia”
Basically, I believe that your mind will continue going in the direction that it is
pointed. If you’re focused on destruction, you’ll find it. If you’re focused on
surviving ANYTHING that life throws at you, you’ll survive much more than you
would otherwise.

In addition, these books help you create a goal or a future that PULLS you
towards it, rather than pushing you, kicking and screaming.

I hope that helps!].

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