Mobility questions

by David Morris on October 7, 2009

Great info.   Trying to keep it all moving forward. I’ve been working on kit for a while now.   One for the car, house and most of my items in my motorhome.   I have never used a GPS.   I will rely on my own sense of direction.   Don’t they have a locator.   I personally am more concerned with a problem with the government.   If I make the decision to “go”, I don’t want a gps, cell phone or internet for them to track me.   Is that paranoid? Well that is my feeling.

I do not have any food items in my car, but keep supplies in the house and motorhome.   Water is my biggest concern.   I will check into your filter recommendations.   I do have a large family, looking at 16-18 with the grandkids and mom. Anyway, I will continue to try and keep up.

Thanks, again.”

[Davids Reply:

I have, but don’t use, GPSs as well. I’m a map and compass guy,
except for geocaching and search and rescue.

Whether they have a locator or not is a matter of debate. I
personally don’t think that they have trasmitters, but I could be

The more likely scenario is that the civillian GPS channel will get
shut off in a state of emergency and they won’t do you any good

Water is EVERYONE’s biggest concern. I’ve got a lesson coming up that
goes into some ways of helping to safely recycle your water.

On protecting your family if they are threatened…don’t wait to
practice violence. Start developing your martial mindset right now.
Start getting your body used to impact…both giving and getting. At
a minimum, practice battle rolls, falling drills, punching, kicking,
elbows, knees, hammer fists, and precision strikes to vital areas.
When things get bad, hundreds of thousands of case studies show us
that you WON’T rise to the occassion. You will resort back to 1/2 the
level of your best training. If you have a physical ailment, consider
training with knives, guns, pepper spray, or a Taser.



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