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June 1, 2011 at 7:08 pm

Where can you get the miltek-1 lube??? Thanks Kenneth


Vote -1 Vote +1David Morris
June 2, 2011 at 10:25 pm

It’s great stuff and you can get it several places, including Amazon, Midway, and local dealers. Here’s the link straight to the manufacturer: http://www.militec1.com/miva/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=militec1&Category_Code=1


Vote -1 Vote +1Mel2L
February 15, 2012 at 10:06 am

I put together an M4gery in 6.8 SPC which includes a few ‘specialized’ bits using my coffee ‘allowance’ and money from garage sales. The project took me a couple of years at that rate, but I learned how it’s put together. I bought the gunsmith tools necessary to repair/maintain my weapon online. The only part purchased over the counter was the lower receiver, everything else was purchase online. Ammo and magazines can also be purchased online.

God, I love this country!

Link to the best bang for the buck barrels and bolts (IMHO)

Link to the Failzero parts, worth every penny


Vote -1 Vote +1Muhjesbud
February 24, 2012 at 5:47 pm

Good comparisons and fair logical assessments. But things are changing so choices change. Plus, when we all are forced off the armchair into down and dirty psycho combat there are a couple considerations that nobody ever considers until it’s too late. Here’s the final argument. Most on my team switched to an AK back in the ‘days’ because of the inherent jamming problems with the AR’s and fouling problems with bad ammo powder reacting to extreme temperature and moisture variations in that climate that we had then, and only 20 round mags at too high of a cyclic rate on full auto. 2 seconds emptied the AR 20 round mag.
But then another problem developed. Switching AK mags fast enough with out jamming them up in the mag well under heavy firefight stress created serious kill or be killed ‘time lag’ disadvantages. If you slammed it in too hard at the wrong angle, you weren’t removing it fast enough to continue dominating firepower. Won’t go into it now, but it has to do with the serious reality esoteric laws of small force combat firefighting they don’t teach you at gin mill shooint schools. Which don’t replicate the kind of situations most likely encountered by survivalists, especially in guerilla ambush type situations. Really, friends, it’s nothing like in the movies.
Even later when I trained experienced operators or law enforcement where some of these people could should the tires out on a piss-ants motor scooter at 200 meters, I could put enough pressure on them in a ‘live ambush’ excercise to where they would be at a bumbling disadvantage with an AK, compared to an AR. Especially in no vis nightime action. Not much, if abything can beat the super rapid and speed shooter friendly magazine reloads of an AR with drop free mags.

Modern AR’s have all the bugs worked out of them and can be aftermarket tweaked to make them as reliable or better than anything out there. For instance heavier extractor springs and ring-less bolts. Fouling is not an issue anymore with modern ammo, and neither is the gas system. All kinds of ammo for every circumstance. Contrary to popular myth, the AR gas operated bolt carrier system is designed to operate dry without lube, if necessary. The military is considering not developing a new replacement to save budget money but merely chaning to the piston system and possibly an enhanced .223 combat round and a instant two shot burst like the Russian 74’s.

Ak’s are getting scarce and the prices are going up. When the same Chinese versions that did so ‘well’ for so many years used to be had for 200 bucks, it would be a losing debate not to have at least a couple for ‘spare back ups’, for when the kids dropped by. Now supposedly barrels are no longer imported. AK used mags are higher than what decent new AR mags cost at Fleet Farm, and AK parts are diminishing while AR parts and accessories are exploding thanks to Obama instilling the ‘fear’ in all of us. There’s a company out there that sells a decent complete carbine kit for $450. and you can get a lower receiver for around 100 bucks. Price comparison between an AR and an AK is no longer even a moot point.
The other advantage that makes the AR platform the winner hands down is the old ‘if you could only have one gun…’ situation. With only one AR receiver you can have everything from a handy does all high capacity CQB blaster to a compact ‘pistol version’, to a precision sub moa sniper good for almost all situations out to 500 meters, to a .50 BMG (no paperwork) drop on upper that takes the big ball game to a whole ‘nother inning.

Get an AR-15 carbine as your primary weapon. And all the ammo and magazines you can afford.


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