Costco Tactical Flashlight Review

by Evan on May 17, 2010

A couple of notes…

This flashlight is on sale for $15 as of 30-March.

One problem that another user and I have both had is that the switch is very sensitive and turns on in our pants pocket. Solution: This flashlight may not be the one to carry in your pants pocket. It still has LOTS of uses in drawers, on your desk/dresser, next to your safe, in your glove box, or in your 72 hour kit in a ziplock bag with the battery pack removed.

The lanyard is a great feature…especially for making low-light reloads easy and low light tactical reloads possible. (I’m not real good with holding a flashlight, my partial mag, and my full mag in my non-shooting hand at the same time…it’s nice to be able to let the light drop, do my mag change, pocket my partial mag, and reacquire my light.)

This light doesn’t run forever. You have to understand that when you get brighter and brighter lights and smaller & smller batteries, runtimes drop..

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